No app to install, customizable in real time from any connected device, it manages multimedia contents to entertain your customers… In shorts, go beyond the usual digital menu, choose MenuForYou!
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Willing to discover MenuForYou? Scan these QR codes or click on the icons to enter some demo menus. Surf among the different sections, open the popups or try to take note of your order thanks to the Note feature. Few clicks and you will realize that MenuForYou is not the usual digital menu!

Improved business

Each room, each table and each customer can view the menu, in his language of choice, providing a faster and more effective order flow.

Real time management

Through the management section of the website you can customize and edit your menu in realtime, straight out your device of choice, even during service.

Ease of use

No app to install and QR code templates printable directly from the website are just two of the features which guarantee instant operativity.

Beyond the menu

Interact with MenuForYou, take note of your desires and then simply share it via WhatsApp. 

  • Real time management
  • Multilanguage menu
  • QR code for ease of reach
  • Usage and management via smartphone/PC/tablet
  • Table and room exhibitors automatically generated
  • Customizable logo and graphics
  • Articles bookables via WhatsApp 
  • Full integration with CADDY4 and Takeaway software
ASAC has been active for decades as a producer of Ho.Re.Ca and Hospitality solutions. With our software and devices endowed with radio frequency communication modules, it is possible to process activities such as orders collection at the tables and the managing of kitchen workflows.
Over the years ASAC distinguished itself as a technological partner even in other areas, such as goods tracing and door–to–door separate wastes collection. The experience gained in different application grounds has lead to the birth of MenuForYou, a new element in ASAC ecosystem, fully integrated with Caddy 4 and Takeaway software.

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Register now and create your online menu immediately! You'll have full access to all the MenuForYou features for a trial period of 30 days: feel free to try the easy extended graphical customization and the flexibility of a professional backend system for your articles and categories. During this trial, decide to buy the service for 12 months by paying via one of the methods available. What if the trial does not convince you? No hassle, simply let the account expire with the expiration of the trial.
 Distributor registration
Are you a distributor or ASAC partner and want to create the online menu for a customer of yours? Use this link to proceed and register.
MenuForYou is a product by ASAC srl.
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12 months service cost is € 146,40 (service: € 120,00, VAT € 26,40) and includes:
  • Web page
  • Management section
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